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Free Pathway e-books

Pathway to Selling Your Home
This booklet will show you, step by step, the process of successfully selling your greatest asset. If you’re committed to getting the best price for your home and you want the process to be as rewarding as possible, then take a few minutes to read the advice found here in ‘Pathway to Selling Your Home’.

Pathway to Selling your home - free e-book

Pathway to Buying Your Home
Step through the process of buying a home. Practical information on finance, understanding the market, finding a property, what to look for when buying an established home, strata title, buying a block of land, as well as the offer, acceptance and settlement process.

Pathway to Buying your home - free e-book

Pathway to Preparing Your Home for Sale
It’s often the little things that attract people to your home, assisting you to sell faster and at a better price. With just a small amount of effort and a few tips from this guide, you can make your home shine.

Pathway to Preparing Your Home For Sale

Pathway to Moving
To assist you in the organisation of your move, we have developed this check-list of things to do, so it’s as trouble free as possible.

Pathway to Moving