Following World War Two, rapid population growth occurred and Manurewa was ranked as the fastest growing municipality in New Zealand.  By the 1960s Manurewa Central was largely built up and new development shifted to peripheral areas.

Although geographically, Manurewa is one of Manukau City's largest suburbs, it is also one of the most diverse in terms of housing.  The three main areas of Manurewa are Weymouth/Clendon, Manurewa Central, and the more recently developed areas of Hillpark and The Gardens.  House prices also vary considerably with an average price of $240,000 in the Clendon/Weymouth area, $425,000 in Hillpark and $640,000 in The Gardens.

Statistical Highlights

Almost one quarter of people in Manukau reside in Manurewa making it the most populous Ward in the City with 77,508 residents.  It continues to be the fastest growing Ward with a growth rate of 18% over the 2001 count.  The population is relatively young (28 being the median age), with 37% less than 20 years of age and 7% being 65 and over.  The largest ethnic group is European with 40%, followed by Pacific people 28%, Maori 27% and Asian 15%.