Tips for Moving

Clean out any unwanted items in advance. There is no point in packing anything you don't want to keep. 
Make yourself a Moving Checklist for the weeks before the move. This will mean you are less likely to forget anything. Check out our Moving Checklist
    Image of someone moving
Packing an entire household can be exhausting. You may want to look at a moving company to pack your possessions. Also, it is difficult to get full insurance coverage for items you have packed yourself. 
When choosing a moving company ask what associations they belong to, what memberships they hold, the standards they maintain and for references from past clients. Compare the quotations carefully to make sure they are all offering the same thing and check the insurance policies on offer. 
If you have pets, put them in a boarding home. It is extremely difficult to keep them safely shut away, and you don't want to lose them. 
Make sure items that aren't to be packed (such as the car keys, wallet, documents and any required medication) are put in a clearly labeled area. 
Make sure your insurance is adequate to cover unforeseen accidents during moving. 
Discuss your move with your children to ensure they understand what is happening. 
On moving day it is often a good idea to have your children visit friends or family. Children can get upset by the packing process. 
Make sure everyone stops to eat and drink to keep energy levels up. 
Use disposable utensils on your moving day.